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Mon 17. Feb14:15

Theory Seminar Zerf, Nikolai Fermion traces without evanescence

Tue 18. Feb11:30

Informal Theory Journal Club Dlapa, Christoph - Max Planck for Physics Deriving canonical differential equations for Feynman integrals from a single uniform weight integral

Tue 18. Feb16:00

MPP Colloquium Dr Clark, Colin Searching for Gamma-ray Spiders

Tue 25. Feb11:30

Informal Theory Journal Club Dr Wever, Christopher - TUM Internal Reduction method for computing Feynman Integrals

Wed 26. Feb14:15

Theory Seminar Prof. Aoki, Sinya - Kyoto University Holography from field theories: a realization of AdS/CFT correspondence and beyond

Mon 09. Mar12:30

Conferences & Workshops MPP Gender Equality Lunch Meeting

Mon 09. Mar14:15

Theory Seminar Colgain O, Eoin Hubble tension (TBA)

Wed 11. Mar09:00

Conferences & Workshops MADMAX Collaboration Meeting

Tue 24. Mar16:15

MPP Colloquium Prof. Covi, Laura tba

Fri 27. Mar09:00

Conferences & Workshops Windel, Hendrik MPP Career Day

Tue 31. Mar16:15

MPP Colloquium Prof. McCullough, Matthew tba