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Local or Central Gender Equality Officer

You may contact the Gender Equality Officer if your concern relates to aspects of sexualized discrimination and the Principles of Gender Equality and the Code of Conduct of the Max Planck Society are violated as a result. This may be the case, for example, if you feel that you are being put at a disadvantage due to your sex or gender role, or if the reconciliation of career and family life is not facilitated. If the Gender Equality Officer considers your complaint to be justified, they can contribute actively to resolving the conflict and solving the problem.

Dr. Teresa Barillari, die Local Gender Equality Officer at the MPP and the Central Gender Equality Officer are your points of contact in cases of sexualized discrimination, harassment and assault – as are superiors, individuals in management positions, the (General) Works Council and the Representative Council for Individuals With Severe Disabilities.

An initial complaint may be submitted informally. Due to their duty of care, superior and management staff members are obliged to act upon any information about sexualized discrimination harassment and assault immediately, subject to the severity of the accusations. Gender Equality Officers, on the other hand, must and may only take action after you have instructed them to do so. They have the right and duty to secrecy.  
A written record of the incident that is signed by the complaining individual is required for the initiation of any further steps. The Central Gender Equality Officer is informed at this point if they were not previously involved in the issue.