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The complaints body

The complaints body at the MPP has been set up in accordance with the German Law relating to Equal Treatment (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - (AGG)). The above law prescribes the rules and measures in order to prevent disadvantages

•    based on race
•    ethic origin
•    gender
•    religion or world view
•    disability
•    age
•    or sexual identity.

After the AGG came into force in 2006, the Board of Directors engaged the gender equality officer of the time, Dr Iris Abt in relation to the performance of this task. Dr. Abt continues to carry out the work following her retirement as the gender equality officer in 2015.

Should employees consider themselves to have suffered a disadvantage on the basis of these provisions, they have the right to complain (AGG Paragraph 13, Paragraph 1 Sentence 1). The complaints body allows the complaint to be explained and discusses possible measures with the complainant. Depending on the wishes of the complainant, the case is discussed with superiors, colleagues and/or with company management. This can take place in the presence or absence of the complainant. Problem cases are treated confidentially and resolved in a discreet manner where possible.

The complaints body
•    receives complaints
•    ensures that these are investigated and
•    informs the complainant of the result of the investigation (AGG Paragraph 13).

Company management is responsible for dealing with the problem. The employer may not take any sanctions against a person who complains (AGG Paragraph 15). Company management supports the complaints body in efforts to quickly and permanently resolve problems in the workplace.