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Works Council

The Works Council with its members is the workforce representation of all staff members of the Institute: The represented staff includes administration and workshop staff, as well as all staff members involved in scientific work. You may contact any Works Council member of your choice (in confidence) if you feel you are being put at a disadvantage by your superior or the employer with regard to your rights as an employee or in any other way. You are generally entitled to this right (§ 85 of the Works Constitution Act).

Following an initial conversation, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to instruct the Works Council to act on your behalf. If you choose to do so, and if the Works Council considers your complaint to be justified, they must contact the Institute Management to achieve a resolution of the issue (§ 85 of the Works Constitution Act).

Independent of conflicts and complaints, it is the duty of the Works Council (as well as of the employer) to ensure that all individuals working at the Institute receive equal treatment, regardless of their ethnic origin, descent, nationality, religion or ideology, disability or age, political or union activities or position, gender or sexual identity. (§ 75 Works Constitution Act).

The contact details of all Works Council members are available here.