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Corona update from April 29, 2020

The institute management asks you to observe the following details of the home office regulation, occupational safety and information on the canteen operation until further notice. A slow resumption of activities at the institute coordinated within the departments from May 4, 2020 is possible if the instructions described below are observed.

Working from home and activities in the institute

  • Office work should be performed if possible at home in coordination with the supervisor, especially if office premises would otherwise have to be used by multiple people with insufficient distancing. It is possible to use the institute's offices for activities that cannot be done in a comparable way from home. This must also be coordinated with the supervisor.
  • Necessary activities in the laboratories and workshops of the technical departments are permitted in compliance with the corona pandemic-specific occupational safety standards (see operating instructions and notes below). If you have any questions about occupational safety, please contact our occupational safety specialist Jürgen Besenrieder.
  • Please note that offices may only be occupied by one person (deviations are possible in the open-plan offices of the technical departments under the conditions set out in the operating instructions).
  • If you work at the institute, please report your presence to the responsible department secretariat. In the event of an infection, this is used to identify contact persons.

Occupational safety and work organization

Please read and observe the attached information in the operating instructions!

  • The instruction should be posted visibly in all work areas.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other and reduce personal contacts to a minimum. If this distance cannot be maintained, it is necessary to wear a mouth and nose cover.
  • Wearing a mask is also recommended for shorter conversations. Please inform yourself about the correct handling and cleaning, especially of fabric masks (“community masks”). Here are the notes from the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices:
  • In the departments, processes should be organized in such a way that the employees have as little direct contact as possible (occupying offices with only one person, using shift plans and breaks).
  • Stay at home with any symptoms of illness!
  • Inform if you develop symptoms of illness - even if you are already in your home office.
  • For employees who belong to so-called risk groups (see operating instructions), measures to reduce contacts and hand hygiene are particularly important. Protective measures must be taken into account particularly for these employees. If necessary, the company medical service can be consulted for individual advice.
  • Business trips are generally not permitted until further notice. Well-justified exceptions must be coordinated with the responsible department director.
  • For team meetings, use the option of video conferencing ("zoom").
  • Visits by guests are not permitted until further notice.

Canteen operations

  • The delivery of take-away meals is possible from May 4th if you order in advance. You will be informed of this in a separate email. When picking up the food in the canteen there is a “mask requirement” (wearing a mouth and nose cover).
  • The consumption of food in the canteen is not allowed (please eat in your office). We will inform you about changes in good time.

Please continue to follow the instructions of the MPG at