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MPG styleguide

Here you find information and resources for a consistent corporate identity of the Max Planck Institute for Physics according to the guidelines of the Max Planck Society.

This includes colors, templates and the logos of both the MPI for Physics and the Max Planck Society.

All current guidelines for the corporate design can be found in the

MPG Styleguide (Version 1.0, 30.10.2019) [19.7 KB]

MPP letterhead

The template for MPP letters is available with green and black logo.

If you want to use the MPG font "Roboto" please click "Fonts" below. You can also use "Arial" which is installed on all Windows and MacOS computers.

For LaTeX users

Below you can download the elements necessary to create the letter template in LaTeX.

The styles are pre-installed on desktops of the theory department. Users of other desktops/laptops follow these instructions:

  • Create the directory texmf/tex/latex/mppletter in the home directory
  • Upload all files listed below, at least mpp.sty and MPP-vertikal-green.{eps,pdf}

Linux/MacOS users can use a shortcut via cut & paste.

Linux commands:

mkdir -p $HOME/texmf/tex/latex/mppletter
cd $HOME/texmf/tex/latex/mppletter
curl -O '{mpp.sty,MPP-vertikal-green.eps,MPP-vertikal-green.pdf}'

MacOS commands:

mkdir -p $HOME/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mppletter
cd $HOME/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mppletter
curl -O '{mpp.sty,MPP-vertikal-green.eps,MPP-vertikal-green.pdf}'

Elements for download

MPP colors

All colors that can be used are presented and described in the MPG Styleguide.



With publishing their new styleguide the Max Planck Society and also the MPP use the fonts Roboto (sans-serif) und Merriweather (with serifs).

Both fonts are free of licence and can be used without constrictions.

Font for download