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Working safety and enviromental care

The department for working safety and enviromental care advises you on all topics related to working safety and enviromental care.

name extension function
Jürgen Besenrieder 224 Work Safety
Christine Kothhuber 229 Processing
Dr. Eva Groll, BAD GmbH 4028796-00 Company doctor, Leopoldstr. 175 80804 München

Representatives for working safety

name extension function
Jürgen Besenrieder 224 Work Safety
Michael Reitmeier 433 Safety Protection Electronics
Christopher Jablonski 243 Safety Protection Mechanics
Corina Brunnlechner 333 Safety Protection Administration
Tobias Ortmanns 704 Safety Protection Facility Management
Jürgen Besenrieder 224 Radiation Protection
Dr. Sven Menke 410 Radiation Protection (dep.)
Dr. Oliver Schulz 521 Radiation Protection (dep.)
Siegfried Schmidl 224 Laser Protection
Martin Burrack 340 Danger Freights
Dr. Xiang Liu 764 Danger Freights (dep.)

Radiation safety

How to report injuries/accidents

Please report an injury or accident during your worktime, since potential payments by the MPP's insurance depend on the documentation.

You should use our SAP system,, clicking the button "Ereignis melden - vereinfacht" in the section Arbeitssicherheit.

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