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Particles4U Competition: Who can submit the most creative contribution on a particle physics theme?

Particles4U is a competition aimed at schools, but also at artists. The competition topic is particle physics and the role it plays in daily life. Deadline for registration and submission is 7 January 2018.

Pupils conducting a particle physics experiment

Pupils conducting a particle physics experiment (Photo: IPPOG)

Participants are completely free to choose the nature of their contributions: they may submit models, prototypes, a lesson plan, a game or even a work of art.

Individuals, groups, classes and even groups of classes from all over the world may participate. Artists, musicians, writers, and mathematical wizards and magicians are also invited to compete.

The aim is to demonstrate to the world how particle physics is everywhere – and how it affects our daily lives in many ways.

The competition is sponsored by International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG). The Max Planck Institute for Physics also forms part of this group of scientists, communicators and educators.

All information on categories, prizes and registration can be found on the Particles4U website.