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Where particles meet – Open Day at the Max Planck Institute for Physics

Around 2,500 visitors, many of them children, came to the Max Planck Institute for Physics on June 1, 2019. The Institute had organized another Open Day that was headed, "Two particles meet ...".

An attractive program with many opportunities for visitors to join in had been arranged: A mini-golf course where a ball had to be moved over and through various obstacles was used to demonstrate how difficult it is to measure electrons with a specific energy. VR goggles made it possible to experience in 3D the Belle II detector that scientists are using to solve the riddle of antimatter.

And the Institute’s large lecture hall was the place where scientists talked about projects they were currently working on.

But it wasn’t only the research groups that were happy to present what they were working on and how they were carrying out this work. The Institute’s electronic and mechanical workshops also attracted large numbers of visitors. The employees here presented the modern methods and instruments that make scientific experiments possible in the first place: for example, the manufacture of silicon chips and circuit boards, 3D printers and precision machines for milling and cutting components.

The ‘Build your own particle detector’ Lego competition and the particle hunt through the Institute were particularly popular with the younger visitors.

The next open day will probably take place in early summer 2021.