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Open Day on June 24, 2017

We warmly invite all those curious about particle physics to visit us at our research institute on Saturday 24 June from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We will introduce you to our experiments: We will show you, for example, how a gamma radiation telescope works, explain why chilly temperatures are needed in the search for dark matter, and enable you to experience how scientists use the ATLAS detector in their work at CERN.
In addition, the topics will deal with very fundamental questions as well: Which elementary particles are known and why are physicists looking for new particles? What exactly is radioactivity, and where does it occur?

There will also be exciting talks on current research topics. For children, the program will include a painting competition. And under the motto “Build your own particle detector”, we will invite children (and adults as well, of course) to take part in a Lego competition. The best creations will receive a prize!

The complete program for Open Day will be available starting at the end of May here on this website.