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MPP-2000-1 The QCD and Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report from Les Houches, P. Aurenche, C. Balazs, R.D. Ball, T. Binoth, et al., hep-ph/0005114 (abs), (pdf), (ps), inSPIRE entry.
[Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-1999-2 Radiation hard strip detectors for large-scale silicon trackers, L. Andricek, D. Hauff, J. Kemmer, P. Lükewille, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 436 (1999) 262-271, (External full text link).
[Semiconductor Detectors], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-1999-1 ATLAS irradiation studies of n-in-n and p-in-n silicon microstrip detectors, P. Allport, L. Andricek, C. Buttar, J. Carter, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 435 (1999) 74-79, (External full text link).
[Semiconductor Detectors], [Conference-Paper]

MPP-1998-1 Single-sided p+n and double-sided silicon strip detectors exposed to fluences up to 2×10^14/cm^2 24 GeV protons, L Andricek, T Gebhart, D Hauff, E Koffeman, et al., Nucl.Instrum.Meth.A 409 (1998) 184-193, (External full text link).
[Semiconductor Detectors], [Article]

MPP-1997-1 Quantisierung gravitativerModelle mit Dualit"atstransformationen, H.R. Hollmann, (Full text), TU Muenchen, Muenchen (1996-12-18).
[Field Theory], [PhD-Thesis]

MPP-1994-1 Hadronic Calibration of the H1 LAr Calorimeter using Software Weighting Techniques, H.P. Wellisch, J.P. Kubenka, H. Oberlack, P. Schacht, (MPI-PhE/1994-03), (Full text).
[H1], [Article]

MPP-1992-1 Kalibration des H1 Flüssig-Argon Kalorimeters unter Berücksichtigung der Gewichtungsmethode für Teilchenjets, Peter Loch, (Full text), Universität Hamburg, Hamburg (1992), H1-10/92-253.
[H1], [PhD-Thesis]

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