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Lecture: Data Analysis

The lecture takes place in the winter semester and is held in English.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Allen Caldwell

Time: Mondays 16:00 to 18:00

Location: PH 227 at the TUM Physics Department

There will be an exercise session in the CIP room before the lectures (Monday, 14:00-15:45).


  • Basics of probability theory
  • The fundamental distributions
  • Construction of frequentist confidence intervals
  • Bayesian probability and credibility intervals  
  • Parameter estimation and limit setting
  • Model evaluation (goodness of fit)
  • Model comparison and model selection
  • Multivariate approaches: neural networks, decision trees, etc as time allows
  • Introduction to modern data analysis tools

The topics will be introduced in the lectures. Many exercises will require numerical calculations, so an ability to program simple algorithms and produce graphical displays is required. The course grade will be based on solutions to the exercises.

More information: Lectures at the Physics Department of the Technical University of Munich