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Vocational training – apprenticeship at the MPP

Apprenticeship at the MPP

Are you interested in technical systems? Do you enjoy making things on your own? Do you picture yourself working with phyisicsts on new experiments?

If so, you should think about training at the MPP. We train apprentices in two professions:

  • electronics technicians for devices and systems
  • industrial mechanics (construction of precision equipment)

The start for the next application round for the year 2021 will be published on this site.

Martina Kielas
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
Föhringer Ring 6
80805 München

Why should you study with us?

Professional training at the Max Planck Institute for Physics is a success story: Since 1996, we have trained more than 100 apprentices – with only one exception, all have successfully completed their certification.

Companies highly value job candidates with MPP training. Most who complete the program quickly find a position in industry or research.

We are especially proud that we can also offer young women interesting career prospects: Nearly 20 percent of MPP trainees are female.

News releases

Quirin Fischl receives his award as the best graduate (Photo: IHK)

Every year, the IHK (the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) awards outstanding trainees who have passed their final exams with excellent results. This year, one of these awards went to Quirin Fischl, who completed his training as an electronic engineer for devices and systems at the Max Planck...

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Samuel Dick

Honor for Samuel Dick: He received the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft's Apprenticeship Award for his outstanding achievements. The 21-year-old completed his education and training as an industrial mechanic (precision equipment construction) with top marks in just two and a half years.

Samuel Dick was one...

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The apprentice team at an excursion to Wildpark Poing

At the beginning of September five young people began their professional training at the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP). Three of them – Franziska Kienitz, Jannis Haas und Felix Butz – have embarked on a training as electronic technicians for for devices and systems. Thomas Brunner und...

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Overview of the Max Planck Institute for Physics

We do fundamental research in particle and astroparticle physics. Our research has the goal of better understanding how the universe is constructed.

Our scientists investigate fascinating research topics: What is dark matter? Why is there no more antimatter in the cosmos? What happens when stars explode?

To get answers to these questions, our physicists work together with colleagues from all over the world at large-scale experimental facilities such as telescopes or particle accelerators.

For these experiments, our technical departments develop and build components and instruments. As a trainee, you will collaborate on these projects and thus make an important contribution to our scientific successes.