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Colloquia 2009

Colloquia 2009

Time Speaker Title
Tue 13 Jan, 17:15

No colloquium

Tue 20 Jan, 16:45 Dr. Urs Wiedemann (CERN)

Jet Quenching in Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC and at the LHC

Tue 27 Jan, 16:45 res. Kortner; Monika Grothe (University of Wisconsin)

Forward detectors around the CMS interaction point at LHC and their physics potential

Tue 03 Feb, 16:45 Frank Wilczek (MIT)

From T to Axions to Dark Matter

Tue 10 Feb, 17:15 Jens Weingarten

Commissioning of the ATLAS Pixel Detector

Tue 17 Feb, 16:45 Martin Beneke (RWTH Aachen)

Flavour and CP violation at B factories: The Kobayashi-Maskawa mechanism and what else ?

Tue 03 Mar, 16:45 Fernando Quevedo (DAMPT Cambridge)

Large Extra Dimensions

Tue 10 Mar, 16:45 Atish Dabholkar (LPTHE, Jussieu)

Note: Colloquium is cancelled

Thu 19 Mar, 16:45 Robert Fleischer (CERN)

Precision B Physics in the LHC Era: Visions for the Next Decade

Tue 24 Mar, 16:45 Ralf Bender (Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik)

Observational constraints on Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Tue 31 Mar, 17:15 Dr. Robert Richter (MPI für Physik)

The Upgrade of ATLAS for the Super-LHC: a Road towards New Physics in the 2020s

Tue 07 Apr, 16:45 Raffelt; Thomas Weiler (Vanderbilt University)

Neutrino Astrophysics and Neutrino Flavor

Tue 21 Apr, 16:45 Herbi Dreiner (Universität Bonn)

How light can the lightest Neutralino be? - Constraints from collider physics, precision observables, meson decays, astrophysics and cosmology

Tue 28 Apr, 16:45 Jack Gunion (UC Davis)

The Elusive Higgs Boson

Tue 05 May, 16:30 Prof. Norbert Schmitz (Max-Planck Insitut für Physik)

50 Years of Particle Physics with Tracking Detectors at the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik

Tue 12 May, 17:15 Prof. Doug Cowen

Physics with IceCube's Deep Core Sub-array

Tue 19 May, 17:15 Prof. Henric Krawczynski (Washington University in St. Louis, Physics Department and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences)

TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy with the VERITAS Experiment

Tue 26 May, 17:15 Hofmann, Stefan; Stefan Hofmann (LMU München)

The Vacuum - A Cosmological Lightweight?

Tue 02 Jun, 17:15 Wolfgang Menn (Universität Siegen)

The Pamela Mission: A Space Experiment to measure energetic Matter and Antimatter from Space

Tue 09 Jun, 17:15 Prof. Pasquale Blasi (INAF/Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri)

Particle Acceleration at Shocks and the Origin of Cosmic Rays

Tue 16 Jun, 16:45 Prof. Johann Kuehn (Universität Karlsruhe)

Precise Results for the Strong Coupling Constant and Heavy Quark Masses

Tue 23 Jun, 17:15 Stuart Raby (Ohio State University)

The Puzzle of Charge and Mass

Tue 30 Jun, 16:45 Prof. Stefan Dittmaier (Universität Freiburg)

Predictions for Higgs signal and background processes with many-particle final states at the LHC

Wed 01 Jul, 14:00 Dr. Frank Daniel Steffen (MPI for Physics)

Supersymmetric Dark Matter in Cosmology and at Colliders

Tue 07 Jul, 16:45 Prof. Victor Flambaum (UNSW Sydney)

Parity and time reversal violation in atoms and search for physics beyond the Standard Model

Tue 14 Jul, 16:45 Prof. Harald Fritzsch (LMU München)

Flavor Mixing and Neutrino Oscillations

Tue 21 Jul, 17:15 Georgi Dvali (MPI München)

Microscopic Gravity

Tue 01 Sep, 17:00 Prof. Jochen Weller (Universitätssternwarte München)

Shedding Light On Dark Energy

Tue 22 Sep, 17:15 Antonio Masiero (Universita' di Padova)

Lepton (Flavor) Violation: a Road to Multi-scale New Physics

Tue 29 Sep, 17:00 Dr. Marc Schumann (University of Zurich)

The XENON100 Dark Matter Experiment

Tue 06 Oct, 17:00 Dr. Schott Matthias (CERN)

Review of electroweak fits of the SM and beyond with Gfitter

Tue 13 Oct, 16:45 Prof. Nikolaos Mavromatos (King's College)

High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy and String Quantum Gravity

Tue 20 Oct, 17:15 Steve King (University of Southampton)

Neutrino Mass and Flavour Models

Wed 21 Oct, 17:00 Prof. Masahiro Teshima (MPI for Physics)

Proposal for Participation in Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium

Tue 27 Oct, 16:45 Dr. Enßlin Torsten (MPA Garching)

Information field theory for cosmological perturbation reconstruction and non-linear signal analysis

Tue 03 Nov, 17:15 Arthur I. Miller (University College London)

The Strange Friendship of Pauli and Jung - When Physics Met Psychology

Tue 10 Nov, 17:00 Dr. José Repond (Argonne National Laboratory)

Calorimetry at the International Linear Collider

Tue 17 Nov, 17:00 Dr. Gavin Salam (LPTHE Jussieu)

LHC searches: what role for QCD

Tue 24 Nov, 17:15 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Bethke; Prof. Siegfried Bethke (MPI for Physics)

Black Holes at the LHC?

Tue 01 Dez, 17:15 Sven-Olaf Moch (DESY, Zeuthen)

Measuring the running top-quark mass

Tue 08 Dez, 17:15 Thomas Thiemann (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)

Loop Quantum Gravity: An Introduction

Tue 15 Dez, 17:00 Prof. Allen Caldwell (MPI for Physics)

Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration - a new project for the MPP

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