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Colloquia 2010

Colloquia 2010

Time Speaker Title
Tue 19 Jan, 16:45 Dr. Niklas Beisert (AEI Potsdam) Solving Gauge and String Theories with Integrable Spin Chains
Tue 26 Jan, 17:15 Arthur Hebecker (Universität Heidelberg) Grand Unification in the `Landscape'
Tue 02 Feb, 17:15 Prof. Rudolf Frühwirth (HEPHY, Wien) Track reconstruction - classical and adaptive methods
Tue 09 Feb, 16:45 Hans Jockers (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara) Low energy effective couplings from string theory
Tue 23 Feb, 17:15 Dr. Georg Weiglein (DESY) New physics at the LHC: where, what and how?
Tue 02 Mar, 17:00 Dr. Klaus Mayer (ERC Karlsruhe) Analysis of Uranium Metal Samples from Germany's World War II Nuclear Program - A Case between Science History and Nuclear Forensics
Tue 23 Mar, 17:00 Prof. Tim de Zeeuw (ESO) ESO and the E-ELT
Tue 30 Mar, 17:15 Prof. Graham Ross (University of Oxford) Testing SUSY
Tue 13 Apr, 17:15 Philippe Brax (IPhT Saclay) Modifying Gravity at Low Redshift
Tue 20 Apr, 17:15 Dr. Stefan Kluth (MPI for Physics) New QCD Analyses of JADE and OPAL data
Tue 27 Apr, 17:00 Dr. Ruben Saakyan (UC London) Probing neutrino mass with NEMO-3 and SuperNEMO
Tue 04 May, 17:15 Prof. Günter Keßler (INR, FZK/KIT) The future development of Fission Reactors and their fuel cycles
Tue 11 May, 16:45 Belen Gavela (UAM Madrid) Neutrino light on the flavour puzzle
Tue 08 Jun, 17:15 Prof. Rabindra Mohapatra (University of Maryland) Matter-Dark Matter Connection: the Case for an Asymmetric Light WIMP
Tue 15 Jun, 17:00 Dr. Gianfranco Bertone Identifying Dark Matter Particles
Tue 22 Jun, 17:15 Prof. Benjamin Grinstein (UC, San Diego) A Lee-Wick Extension of the Standard Model
Wed 23 Jun, 17:00 Dr. Franz Pröbst (MPI for Physics) CRESST Results
Tue 29 Jun, 17:15 Prof. Bill Edwards (LBNL) The Daya Bay Experiment - Overview of Physics, Detectors and Status
Tue 06 Jul, 17:15 Prof. Shmuel Nussinov (Tel Aviv University) Variations on Cold Dark Matter
Tue 20 Jul, 17:15 Dr. Eiichiro Komatsu (U Texas at Austin) The 7-year WMAP Observations: Cosmological Interpretation
Tue 21 Sep, 17:15 Dr. Guennadi Borissov (Lancaster University) Searches for the New Sources of CP violation at Tevatron
Tue 28 Sep, 17:15 Bernd Surrow (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Fundamental measurements of the proton’s sub-structure using high-energy polarized proton-proton collisions
Tue 05 Oct, 17:15 Dr. Pasquale Migliozzi (INFN - Napoli) Observation of a first nu-mu -> nu-tau candidate event in the OPERA experiment
Tue 19 Oct, 17:15 Prof. Karl Landsteiner (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spanien) The sound of strongly coupled field theories: quasinormal modes in Anti de Sitter space
Tue 09 Nov, 17:15 Claus Kiefer (University Cologne) Forty Years of Decoherence: From Schroedinger's Cat to the Classical World
Tue 16 Nov, 17:15 Dr. Ivan Kisel (GSI Darmstadt) Event reconstruction on modern and future computer architectures
Tue 23 Nov, 17:15 Dr. Gerhard Knies DESERTEC ? Clean Power from Deserts for a Sustainable World with 10 billion People
Tue 30 Nov, 17:15 Stephan Paul (TUM) Probing particle physics and astrophysics with cold and ultracold neutrons
Tue 07 Dez, 17:15 Prof. Stephani Hansmann-Menzemer (University of Heidelberg) The LHCb First Results and Perspectives
Wed 08 Dez, 17:15 Dr. Frank Simon (MPI for Physics) Precision at the Terascale: Physics and Detectors at Linear Colliders
Tue 14 Dez, 17:15 Harald Fritzsch (LMU Munich) Composite Weak Bosons at the LHC

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