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Science Slam

The Munich Science Slam and Science Dialogue at the Max Planck Institute for Physics

At this Science Slam particle physicists of the Institute "battle" each other in a scientific oral presentation competition. During their talks they present their research in an interesting and entertaining way. The audience is the jury and judges the talks. Measurements of the applause level of each talk decide who is declared winner of the Munich Science Slam at the MPI for Physics. Afterwards the visitors can enter direct dialogues in the foyer where the scientists are happy to answer the visitors' questions.

All talks are given in German.

Trailer of the Munich Science Slam of 2010

Video: Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
Download: film ScienceSlam2010_Trailer_en.mp4  

For further Information, and upcoming events, see the German website.

linkPfeil Münchner Science Slam und Wissenschaftsdialog
Beim Science Slam – englisch für wissenschaftliches „Kurzvortragsturnier“ – liefern sich Teilchenphysiker des Instituts einen populärwissenschaftlichen Schlagabtausch und stellen dabei ihre Forschungsarbeit vor. Das Publikum bildet die Jury ...

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