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Popular Scientific Events

Popular Scientific Events

The Max Planck Institue for Physics offers several public lectures and events to enable the public to access the particle and astroparticle physics.

Recent Popular Scientific Events

Time Speaker Title
Tue 13 Dez, 10:00 Schülergruppe aus UK (20 am Vormittag, 20 am Nachmittag)

linkPfeil Physik Modern
A series of talks hosted by the LMU Munich and the Munich Max Planck Institutes in the field of physics.

linkPfeil International Particle Physics Masterclasses 2015
23 March 2015
Get in touch with particle physics and analyse data from CERN in Geneva yourself: On March 23rd 2015 from 10am to 5pm students can participate at the International Particle Physics Masterclasses.

linkPfeil International Particle Physics Masterclasses
Once a year, MPI für Physik and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München cooperate to participate in the International Particle Physics Masterclasses with an event for students in grades 11 through 13.

linkPfeil Netzwerk Teilchenwelt Masterclasses
The so-called "Masterclasses" of the "Netzwerk Teilchenwelt"(network particle world) are carried out in the Munich area by the LMU Munich and the Max Planck Institute for Physics in schools, school labs and other educational institutions. ...

linkPfeil Exhibitions
Here you can find recent exhibitions, along with exhibitions of the last years.

linkPfeil Open day
On Open Day the MPP opens its doors – a peek behind the scenes will show the daily work and research done here. The Open Day focuses on research at the institute that is centered on the smallest constituents of matter, elementary particles. ...

linkPfeil Archive Popular Scientific Events
In this archive you can find the Popular Scientific Events of the last years.

How to find us

linkPfeil Directions to Max Planck Institute for Physics
Directions to Max Planck Institute for Physics (Werner Heisenberg Institute) in Munich

Further Popular Scientific Events

Most of the popular scientific talks given are in German. There are, however, some english talks listed above. If you are also interested in the German-language talks, please try our list on the German webpages.

linkPfeil Populärwissenschaftliche Veranstaltungen
Das Max-Planck-Institut für Physik bietet verschiedene öffentliche Vorträge an, um der Öffentlichkeit einen Zugang zur Teilchen- und Astroteilchenphysik zu ermöglichen.

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