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Electronics Division
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Electronics Division

The Electronics Division of the Max-Planck-Institut in Munich helps physicists to plan, design, set up and maintain electronic equipment for experiments. Therefore, we have a wide range of topics to cover.
  • Schematics and layouts for complex high-speed analog and digital printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Automated mounting of components onto the PCBs
  • Implementation of complex algorithms for data processing in high-speed FPGAs
  • Design of analog ASICs, often for extreme conditions like very low noise, cold temperature, hardness against radiation
  • GBit data transfer over optical fibres
  • Writing software for testing and operating hardware components
  • Design and construction of power supplies
  • Installation of the new components at experiments, including wiring and testing
  • Maintenance, service and reparation of existing devices at experiments

Specialized Groups

To achieve these diverse and demanding goals, the division is devided into three groups. Each of them has particular equipment for an efficient and highly specialized workflow to attack different challenges.

linkPfeil Electronics Production (Elektronik-Produktion, EP) Group
The EP (Elektronik-Produktion = Electronics Production) focus on manufacuring of cards and hybrids, but also do design work.

linkPfeil Electronics Development (Elektronik-Entwicklung, EE) Group
Die Gruppen Elektronik Entwicklung erstellt Konzepte und Designs von anwendungsspezifischen Komponenten. Dazu gehören Baugruppen und Systeme zur Messung physikalischer Grössen, zur Datenerfassung und -verarbeitung.

linkPfeil Electronics Installation (Elektronik-Anlagen, EA) Group
The EA (Electronical Installation Equipment and Devices Group) is focused in Industrial process measurement and control also in energie supply of elecronic components at the projects.

Links and further Information

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