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VPN (Virtual Private Network) at the MPI

Since connections from the WLAN and from the Internet are considered "hostile", they are restricted to some "trusted" types (e.g. ssh, NO Netbios, ...). To be able to access more services, you can open a "Virtual Private Network" (VPN) to a server in the MPI, where all traffic is encrypted. If you use such an encrypted connection, your traffic is considered as it was coming from this server and treated as internal, i.e. you can do nearly everything a computer connected to the internal network can do (exeptions are non-routable protocols, e.g. you can't browse the Windows network, but you can access the Windos-PC's by their name as usual). There are two possibilities: PPTP and ipsec (X.509 mode only). PPTP is easier to use for Windows users, but not as secure as ipsec (although it's secure enough). Here you can find descriptions how to set it up for:

Windows 9x/ME (Richard de Vroede)
Windows NT4 (Richard de Vroede)
Windows 2000 (Richard de Vroede)
VPN-Anleitung für Windows 2000 [115 KB]
VPN-Anleitung für Windows XP [173,5 KB]
Linux (PPTP client project)

Please contact C/N (M. Kraemer) to get a valid userid/password pair for use with PPTP and the serveradress. For IPSEC descriptions are available for Windows 2000/XP and Linux (and some others). Please contact C/N (M. Kraemer) to get a valid X.509 certificate and the serveradress. Please note: PPTP has been tested for access from WLAN and an independant DSL provider (but modem/ISDN should work too). IPSEC has only been tested from WLAN, via DSL it failed, because the provider couldn't handle the encrypted packets.

P.S.: the links to the configuration pages (except PPTP for Windows XP) are external links. We are not responsible for their content.

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