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dokument About the Institute
Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich explore the smallest constituents of matter and their interactions. The behavior of these elementary particles, quarks, charged leptons and neutrinos, help us to better understand the origin of the universe. The Institute collaborates at an international level on experiments at major particle physics laboratories throughout the world. This includes CERN in Geneva, DESY in Hamburg and the Gran Sasso underground laboratory in Italy. Experiments investigating cosmic rays are also performed on the Canary Island La Palma. Theorists not only interpret the results of the experiments jointly with the experimental physicists, but also develop new theories for a better understanding of our Universe... [more]

dokument Research
Our research focus is on the physics and astrophysics of elementary particles, from both an experimental and a theoretical perspective. [more]

dokument International Max Planck Research School on Elementary Particle Physics
The International Max Planck Research School on Elementary Particle Physics (IMPRS EPP) offers outstanding research and training opportunities to highly qualified doctoral students. The excellent theoretical and experimental research opportunities cover a wide range of topics in high energy particle physics, astroparticle physics, and cosmology. The IMPRS EPP is open for students from all countries and offers 3-year fellowships available for both international and national students. [more]

The Cluster of Excellence for Fundamental Physics: Origin and Structure of the Universe The Cluster of Excellence for Fundamental Physics: Origin and Structure of the Universe
Where did our Universe come from? What is it made of? What drives its evolution? How did its fundamental building blocks, galaxies, stars and planets form? Which processes generated the elements out of which we are made? These fundamental questions are addressed by this cluster of excellence, entitled “Origin and Structure of the Universe". [more]

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Higgs boson: New high-
precision computation for self-coupling
Higgs boson: New high-precision computation for self-coupling
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