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The Max Planck Society issues the free magazine "MaxPlanckResearch" four times a year, reporting on ongoing research in its institutes. Research at the MPI für Physik - theory and experiment - is covered as well as its more than fifty-year history.

Tinkering in Uncharted Technological Territory (from issue 3/2008)

Engineers at the mechanics division of the Max-Planck-Institut für Physik devise innovative solutions for scientific experiments. [3379 KB]

Hunting Down the Invisible (from Magazine 1/2013)

Hunting Down the Invisible
Magazine 1/2013
If cosmologists are correct, there is a form of matter in the universe that is six times more abundant than the matter we know. It is invisible, which is why it’s called dark matter. Postulated for the first time 80 years ago, it has yet to be detected ...

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