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Phone Book Search

With this form you can search the public phone book of the institute. You can either search for a name or for a user ID by selecting the appropriate button. The user ID must be entered without the host name (e.g. enter uwl not uwl@mppmu.mpg.de). To search for a name, you can use any of the following formats:
Smith - will find any Smith in the institute
Smith,John - will find any Smith whose given name is John
Smi* - will find anybody whose name starts with Smi
Smith,Jo* - will find any Smith whose given name starts with Jo
Please note: If the user ID in the search results is given as userid@machine.mppmu.mpg.de please use the ID without the machine name as e-mail address (i.e. userid@mppmu.mpg.de), except for addresses userid@vw.mppmu.mpg.de. Both search types are not case-sensitive.

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