Belle II: Analysis of the Pixel Vertex Detector performance during BEAST Phase 2

For the commissioning phase of the upgraded accelerator SuperKEKB a special detector system (BEAST) substitutes the inner tracking system. It consists of several subdetectors and its purpose is to give feedback for the accelerator operation and monitor the background levels. One part of this BEAST detector is a subset of four PXD modules which are arranged in two layers.

Beginning of 2018 all Belle II subdetectors including the PXD modules run successfully during the cosmic run and detected the first particle tracks. The accelerator will start operation soon and first collisions are expected in May, completing this initial data taking by mid July (“Phase 2”). The task is to analyze the data from this phase to extract information on the PXD performance and its vertex capabilities.

Prof. Dr. Christian Kiesling
Dr. Hans-Günther Moser