image vms-shark OpenVMS is the operating system originally written for Digital Equipments (DEC) VAX series of MiniComputers.
Today , OpenVMS is owned by HewlettPackard (HP).
OpenVMS runs on Vax,Alpha, and Intel IA64 (Itanium) CPU architectures.

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Joseph Huber's VMS Public Domain Software page:

Antiword for VMS

Antiword is a MS Word document file reader and converter.
It produces text,Postscript,PDF, or XML files from the Word document.
Author: Adri van Os. Homepage:
VMS specific build files and instructions: See antiword/antiword_vms.HTML
updated: 2005-11-07 to version 0.37
Antiword for VMS packaged for the OpenVMS Freeware CD V8: VMS freeware antiword ZIP file | VMS freeware antiword unpacked.

Xkeycaps build for VMS

The xmodmap visualisation program for X11 from Jamie Zawinski.
Homepage is
See xkeycaps/ for VMS installation instructions.


I built Rdesktop, the RDP client, V1.3.1 for VMS:
I am not able to continue work on Rdesktop:
1.3.1 works, but from 1.4 upwards there is a lot more to interface, mainly device support (or removal of it on VMS).
Maybe a more OS-independant java implementation is of interest ?:

More Small Programs

See ../util/main .
If not stated otherwise in individual packages, the GNU General Purpose License applies. Read GPL 2 here gpl.txt .
Warning for InternetExplorer users: software here is for VMS: files ending in ".COM" are DCL command-files, and the server is sending them with the mime-type text/plain ! MSIE ignores the mime-type, and thinks it is a Windows executable !
Joseph Huber
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