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image vms-shark OpenVMS is the operating system originally written for Digital Equipments (DEC) VAX series of MiniComputers.
Today , OpenVMS is owned by HewlettPackard (HP).
OpenVMS runs on Vax,Alpha, and Intel IA64 (Itanium) CPU architectures.
OpenVMS rules . OpenVMS rocks .
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OpenVMS vs Windows-Linux Security Costs Summary

A summary of the recent presentation by Eddie Orcutt, HP OpenVMS Ambassador for Connect. on OpenVMS.org .

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Some Open-source or freeware products can be found on VMS ebusiness
also from VMS opensource and openvms freeware
Many standard GNU/unix utilities are in the GNV package: http://gnv.sourceforge.net/ .


Users of Digital systems cooperate inDECUS
and discuss in newsgroup comp.os.vms and de.comp.os.vms for those who's english is even worse than mine's :-).
If You have no usenet access, try google news groups.google.com forum: comp.os.vms
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VMS shark logo: The original image was released as freeware on the OpenVMS Freeware CD 4.0 . See also Wikipedia article, and Vernon .

http://www.mpp.mpg.de/~huber/vmsdoc/ .
OpenVMS rules . OpenVMS rocks .
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