image vms-shark OpenVMS is the operating system originally written for Digital Equipments (DEC) VAX series of MiniComputers.
Today , OpenVMS is owned by HewlettPackard (HP).
OpenVMS runs on Vax,Alpha, and Intel IA64 (Itanium) CPU architectures.

VMS shark logo: The original image was released as freeware on the OpenVMS Freeware CD 4.0 . See also Wikipedia article.


 This is an unsorted archive of (VMS-)programs collected over years 
 mainly from comp.os.vms postings and notes discussions.
 It is by no means a legal and up-to-date mirror of freeware archives elsewhere.
 Please first look into the usual archives before getting a software from here.
 Some of the sources have been edited and readied to compile,
 some are just as saved from the newsreader. 
 If not otherwise stated in individual files, programs are assumed to be covered 
 by the GNU general public license, which can be read in file gpl.txt .
 Filenames in packages are those after unpacking on a VMS ODS2 volume, 
 i.e. case is not preserved, and they are not suitable for non-VMS systems.
 Joseph Huber,huber AT

More programs and routines written or ported by me are on this server: ~huber/pds/ , and ~huber/util/ and ~huber/util/main/ .
GPL.TXT GNU General Public License

Scripts and Executables

  1. LIBCOMPILE.COM Compiles routines used by main programs
  2. MAKE_UTILS.COM Builds some of the programs

Archive files

ALL.ZIP (~3.5 MB) All source files


  1. Bliss/ Bliss sources
  2. C/ C sources
  3. FOR/ Fortran sources
  4. MAR/ VAX/Alpha macro-assembler programs
  5. PAS/ Pascal sources
  6. TPU/ TPU procedures

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MSIE is apparently ignoring the HTTP header, and misusing the filename extensions like .FOR,MAR,.C,.H to decide how to display the file in the browser, resulting in strange line-breaks.
Those files can either be downloaded by using the menu File->Save target as... on the link, or using View->source in the browser.