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Advanced and Novel Accelerators Roadmap Workshop 2017 (ANAR 2017) report: Towards a Proposal for an Advanced Linear Collider

CERN Website, Novemeber 2017: AWAKE: Closer to a breakthrough acceleration technology, August 30, 2017: Plasmasurfer nehmen Fahrt auf

CERN Courier, June 2017: Workshop puts advanced accelerators on track

The Guardian, January 8, 2017, A new CERN experiment targets even higher energies (eventually)

(Image: Maximilien Brice/CERN)

December 14, 2016, AWAKE: Making waves in accelerator technology

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CERN Courier, March. 18, 2016: Another important step for the AWAKE experiment

CERN Courier, Feb. 12, 2016: CERN's new management begins a five-year term

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Le Temps, March 2016: Fabiola Gianotti: “J'espère que le CERN ouvrira un chapitre totalement nouveau de la physique”

“Nous travaillons aussi sur de nouvelles technologies d'accélérations. Le projet “Awake”, basé sur la physique es plasmas, vise à accélérer les particules à une vitesse faramineuse sur des distances très courtes. Tout cela nous permettra de construire un nouvel instrument avec une taille et un prix raisonnables.”

Le Temps, March 2016: Révolutionner la physique en faisant surfer les particules

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CERN Updates: Awakening acceleration: AWAKE's plasma cell arrives

CERN Bulletin Issue No. 07-08/2016 - Monday 15 February 2016, AWAKE'S PLASMA CELL ARRIVES AT ITS DESTINATION

Scientific American, October 2015: CERN prepares to test revolutionary mini-accelerator

Nature News, 07 October 2015: CERN prepares to test revolutionary mini-accelerator

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CERN Bulletin 37-38, 07 September 2015: AWAKE starts the equipment installation phase

CERN Courier, January-February 2015: Two teams take big steps forward in plasma acceleration

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The Economist, January 30, 2015: A new awakening?

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Accelerator Physics: Surf's up at SLAC, M. Downer, News and Views, Nature 515, 40, 2014

Science Codex, November 2014

Scientists progress toward plasma acceleration, Symmetry Magazine, November 05 2014

Not-So-Large Colliders Could Revolutionize Physics, NBC NEWS, Science/News

SLAC Today, September 25: Brainstorming the Future of SLAC's FACET and Test Beam Facilities

Cambridge Network: Grant technology helps achieve a world first

Grant Instruments webpage: Grant technology helping achieve a world first

Cambridge News: Grant Instruments at Shepreth contributes to 'world first' for CERN AWAKE

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CERN Bulletin, August 2014: Awakening the potential of plasma acceleration

CERN Courier, October 21, 2013: AWAKE: to high energies in a single leap

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October 2013: AWAKE appears on the CERN Accelerator Complex map ...

Accelerating News, Autumn 2013: A novel technique for compact accelerators

SLAC Today, July 11, 2013: FACET 2013 User Run Ends on a High Note

CERN Courier October 21, 2013 - AWAKE: to high energies in a single leap

CERN Courier October 21, 2013 - AWAKE: to high energies in a single leap

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Brookhaven ATF Newsletter, Julay 2013: Self-modulation Instability at ATF

Symmetry, May 23, 2013: FACET boosts plasma acceleration

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AWAKE on the CERN website!!!!! May 2013

SLAC Today (10/26/2012): Meetings Set Course for 2013 SLAC Accelerator Research

Symmetry, July 2 2012: FACET's accelerator revolution

SLAC User Spotlight (06/19/2012): Testing New Accelerator Technology

SLAC User Spotlight (5/01/2012): SLAC's Newest Facility Kicks Off User Run

Particle Accelerator Science and Technology (PAST) award at PAC 2011

IEEE, The Institute, Introducing the 2011 Fellows (March 7, 2001)

FACET shows the way in accelerator research, CERN Courier February 23, 2011

FACET Workshop Welcomes Potential Research Users (03/18/2010)

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Symmetry, Volume 6, Issue 5, October 2009: Crashing the size barrier

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DOE Office of Science AMERICAN RECOVERY & REINVESTMENT ACT NEWSLETTER, Issue 1, July 2009: SLAC Toward Table-top Accelerator (p.10) (PDF)

Efthymios Kallos Particle Accelerator Science And Technology Doctoral Student Award

Quantum Diaries, April 16 2009: Future Accelerators: Surfin' the Plasma Wave

USC Viterbi School of Engineering, March 27, 2009: Electrophysics Group Receives New Funding to Build Plasma Acceleration Facility at Stanford

SLAC Today March 27 2009: From the (SLAC) Director: What a Difference in a Year!

SLAC Today March 24 2009: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to Receive $68.3 Million in Recovery Act Funding

New Scientist, January 5, 2009: Desktop atom smashers could replace LHC

American Physical Society 2008 Fellows

APS-DPP 07 Virtual Press Room: Electrons surf plasma waves to record-high energies

UCLA Engineer, spring 2007, p.15

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Nature Physics, News and Views, Wakefield accelerators: Hybrid particle drive (Nature Physics 3, 146 (2007))

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CERN Courier 47, 3: SLAC demonstrates plasma "afterburner"

SLAC Today, April 12 2005: Looking back on the FFTB

Physics World, November 2005: Particle accelerators light up (pdf)

SLAC Interaction Point, April 2, 2004 Director's Corner

International Science News: Bending A Beam Of Particles Just Like A Beam Of Light

AIP Physics News Graphics: Lighter than Air Plasma Bends Intense Electron Beam

News and Views, Accelerator physics: In the wake of success, Nature 424, 258-259 (17 Jul 2003)(pdf)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), October 9, 2003: Auf kurzen Strecken zu höschsten Energien Beschleunigung von Teilchen mit oszillierenden Plasmen(pdf only)

CERN Courrier, July-August 2001: Plasma-gas refraction improves on crystals

Physics News Graphics May 26, 2001: Lighter than Air Plasma Bends Intense Electron Beam

Physics World May 2, 2001: Particle beams that bend like light

AIP Physics News Update 540, May 23 2001: A Lighter-Than-Air Plasma Can Deflect an Intense Electron Beam

Physics Today 540, December 2000 53, in Physics Update, a plasma lens for GeV electrons and positrons has been demonstrated

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OE Reports 165 - September 1997: World's shortest burst of microwave radiation detected in California

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