List of Thesis

This page contains in reverse order the Bachelor-, Master-, Diploma- and PhD thesis supervised. If possible a link to the electronic version of the thesis is also provided.

Bachelor Thesis

Jahr Person Title University PDF
2014 Martin Kroll Electrical Characterisation of ATLAS Pixel Quad Modules LMU München

Master Thesis

Jahr Person Title University PDF
2018 Reem Hani Taibah Characterization of thin planar sensors for the ATLAS pixel detector upgrade to operate at the high luminosity LHC LMU München
2014 Botho Paschen Investigation of the Performance of Pixel Modules from thin Silicon Sensors with active Edges LMU München PDF

Diploma Thesis

Jahr Person Title University PDF
2012 Andreas Alexander Maier Investigations towards a Measurement of the Top-Quark Mass in dileptonic Decay Channels of Top-Antitop Quark Pairs at ATLAS TU München PDF
2009 Philipp Weigell Constrained Kinematic Fitting for a Top Quark Mass Determination in the Electron + Jets Channel at ATLAS TU München PDF
2007 Manuel Kayl Kalman Style Alignment Approach for the ATLAS SCT and Pixel detectors TU München PDF
2006 Tobias Göttfert Iterative local Χ2 alignment algorithm for the ATLAS Pixel detector Uni Würzburg PDF
2005 Roland Härtel Iterative local Χ2 alignment approach for the ATLAS SCT detector TU München PDF

PhD Thesis

Jahr Person Title University PDF
2019 Julien-Christopher Beyer Optimisation of Pixel Modules for the ATLAS Inner Tracker at the High-Luminosity LHC LMU München PDF
2017 Natascha Savic Development of of Pixel Detectors for the Inner Tracker Upgrade of the ATLAS Experiment LMU München PDF
2016 Andreas Alexander Maier Precision Measurements of the Top Quark Mass in the Dileptonic Top Quark Pair Decay Channel at ATLAS LMU München PDF
2015 Stefano Terzo Development of radiation hard pixel modules employing planar n-in-p silicon sensors with active edges for the ATLAS detector at HL-LHC TU München PDF
2013 Philipp Weigell Investigation of Properties of Novel Silicon Pixel Assemblies Employing Thin n-in-p Sensors and 3D-Integration TU München PDF
2010 Michael Beimforde Development of thin sensors and a novel interconnection technology for the upgrade of the ATLAS pixel system TU München PDF
2010 Tobias Göttfert Background suppression for a top quark mass measurement in the lepton+jets ttbar decay channel and Alignment of the ATLAS silicon detectors with cosmic rays TU München PDF
2009 Roland Härtel Studies on an initial top quark mass measurement at ATLAS in the lepton+jets top-antitop decay channel and alignment of the Pixel and SCT subdetectors TU München PDF