Prof. Dr. Georgi Dvali


Prof. Dr. Georgi Dvali

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The astro-particle physicist Prof. Georgi Dvali brought about a lot of progress in the field of cosmological particle research. Prof. Dvali applied himself to research in higher-dimensional membrane-theories. According to these theories our universe is a three-dimensional membrane, which is situated inside a higher-dimensional entity.

Prof. Georgi Dvali works at the intersection of  cosmology and  fundamental particle physics. Among other things, he suggested new approaches to the hierarchy problem and to ultra-violet completion of the Standard Model. He has  pioneered ideas on large extra dimensions, large distance modifications of gravity and inflation with branes in string theory. His research is also focused on understanding connection between black holes and quantum critical systems.

Prof. Dvali was born in 1964 in Tiflis, Georgia, studied and obtained his doctorate in 1992 at the University of Tiflis. After researching at ICTP in Triest, at CERN and at the Universities of Pisa and New York he went to CERN in 2007. In 2008 he was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt professorship. Since 2010 Prof. Dvali has been working at Arnold-Sommerfeld-Center at LMU Munich and has been a Director at MPI for Physics.

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