Particle physics and cosmology

The main focus of the research is to understand the fundamental structure of elementary particle physics and gravity and to establish connections with observations performed at various scales, such as in collider or table-top lab experiments as well as in cosmological and astrophysical observations.

This includes:

  • understanding the quantum substructure of black holes and of cosmological space-times,
  • ultraviolet completion of the Standard Model and gravity,
  • building models beyond the Standard Model for addressing long-standing puzzles such as the hierarchy problem, origin of quark and lepton families, strong CP problem, origin of dark matter and dark energy, and microscopic origin of inflation.

Group members

E-mail address:
Phone number: +49 89 32354-extension
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Bachmaier, Maximilian Student maxi 320 340
Berezhiani, Lasha, Dr. Senior Scientist lashaber 581 302
Chizzali, Emma PhD Student echizzal 320 340
Cintia, Giordano PhD Student cintia 466 348
Dvali, Georgi, Prof. Dr. Director gdvali 306 311
Ettengruber, Manuel Meinrad PhD Student manuel 466 348
Fernandes Alexandre, Ana PhD Student alexand 464 248
Jankowsky, Anna PhD Student annasky LMU LMU
Kaikov, Oleg PhD Student kaikov LMU LMU
Koutsangelas, Emmanouil PhD Student emi LMU 2180-4550 LMU A 320
Kudrin, Vera Secretary vkudrin 334 308
Kühnel, Florian, Dr. Postdoc fkuehnel 314 347
Stuhlfauth, Anja PhD Student anjast 320 340