Café & Kosmos

Café & Kosmos - Talk with the scientists: The event series Café & Kosmos is engaged with current research questions "out of the universe," including the Big Bang, string theory, dark energy, dark matter, and many other topics.

These discussion rounds take place once per month, normally on a Tuesday evening at the Muffatwerk.

The organizers of Café & Kosmos are research institutions in Munich and Garching: the Excellence Cluster ORIGINS, the Max Planck Institute for Physics, the MPI for Astrophysics,  the MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, and the SFB 1258 (Neutrinos, Dark Matter, Messengers) at the Technical University of Munich.


For decades, we have known of the existence of matter. This "dark" matter is five times more abundant than ordinary matter and plays a crucial role in the evolution of the universe. However, we have not yet been able to identify the nature of this matter.

Anna Bertolini and Dominik Fuchs of the Max…

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Café and Kosmos on September 21, 2023

Physics from another universe

Normally, physicists try to describe our world. It may therefore come as a surprise that over the last few decades more and more interest has developed in a theory that is at best a caricature of our universe. It bears the mysterious name N=4 Super Yang Mills Theory.

Julian Miczajka from the Max…

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Café and Kosmos on June 19, 2023

The matter-antimatter trap

When matter meets antimatter, they annihilate each other within fractions of a second. In the process, the entire mass is converted into energy. However, this annihilation process can be delayed if the particle density is extremely low and the temperature is very high. Such hot and thin…

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