Café & Kosmos

Café & Kosmos - Talk with the scientists: The event series Café & Kosmos is engaged with current research questions "out of the universe," including the Big Bang, string theory, dark energy, dark matter, and many other topics.

These discussion rounds take place once per month, normally on a Tuesday evening, at the locations of Muffatwerk and Stragula in Munich. In the current Corona pandemic we offer these events in a digital format.

The organizers of Café & Kosmos are research institutions in Munich and Garching: the Excellence Cluster Origins, the Max Planck Institute for Physics, the MPI for Astrophysics,  the MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics, and the SFB 1258 Neutrinos, Dark Matter, Messengers.


The two MAGIC telescopes on the Canary Island of La Palma have been in existence for 20 years. With a mirror diameter of 17 meters and special cameras, they measure what cannot actually be measured on Earth: Gamma rays that reach us from extremely energetic objects in the universe.

Dr. Axel…

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Galaxy clusters consist of up to several thousand galaxies and are the largest known structures in the cosmos. The collision of galaxy clusters releases more energy than any other physical process since the Big Bang. Much of this energy propagates through the thin gas that fills the space between…

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Cafe and Kosmos on January 18, 2023

What neutrinos tell us about the universe

Supermassive black holes are among the most mysterious objects in our universe. With a mass of many billions of suns, they sit at the center of galaxies and hold them together in their interior. In particularly active galaxies, they produce some of the brightest cosmic phenomena ever observed in…

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