At Higgs-Hunters volunteers can help finding so called "off-centre vertices". (Image: Higgs-Hunters, ATLAS/CERN)

ATLAS launches citizen science project "Higgs Hunters"

This week ATLAS launched the citizen science project "Higgs Hunters" in cooperation with Oxford University and New York University. The project gives volunteers the chance to help researchers deal with the huge amount of data that confronts them.

On Higgs Hunters volunteers can view and evaluate particle decay patterns in order to help identify so called "off-centre vertices" that have been missed by the ATLAS algorithms. Off-centre vertices show that an uncharged particle has decayed into charged particles which could be a sign of an exotic Higgs decay.

In 2015 LHC is put into operation at higher energies and with more intense beams. Then researches want to pay off-centre vertices particular attention.