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B2Run in Munich: Team “Teilchenbeschleuniger” at the start

After the MPP team was unable to start in 2018 due to a violent thunderstorm, the anticipation this year was all the greater - and rightly so: The 18 athletes completed the 6.1 kilometer course in the Olympic Park in bright sunshine.

The MPP-team "Teilchenbeschleuniger" at this year's B2Run in Munich (Photo: private)

The MPP-team "Teilchenbeschleuniger" at this year's B2Run in Munich (Photo: private)

The atmosphere in the team was of course excellent. "It was a great feeling to enter the Olympic Stadium," says Gudrun Heinrich, who was unable to be part of this experience last year. For Carina Schlammer it was the B2Run premiere – with potential for improvement, she notes with a wink: "I still have a little work to do on my particle accelerator so that the next time the particles reach the finish line faster."

It was also the first company run for Anne Hecker: "At first I was skeptical, but now I'm very happy to have joined. Thanks to the colleagues who persuaded me to participate – I’ll definitely be back again next year!"

The entire MPP team would like to thank their captains Mirjam Modjesch and Evi Linhardt for the perfect organization and preparation for the event.

The MPP-Team:

Lasha Berezhiani, Jürgen Besenrieder, Allen Caldwell, Davide Cieri, Clemens Drab, Alexander Fischer, Vincent Grüninger, Anne Hecker, Lea Heckmann, Gudrun Heinrich, Stefan Horn, Miriam Modjesch, Eveline Linhardt, Carina Schlammer, Jens Schlammer, Martin Schuster, Derek Strom, Barbara Wankerl