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When two particles meet ...

June 24, 2017: Open Day at the Max Planck Institute for Physics

On June 24, 2017 from 10 am to 5 pm the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) invites visitors to its Open Day. Under the slogan “When two particles meet …” scientists show and explain the fascinating topics in particle physics.

Photo: A. Griesch/MPP

Photo: A. Griesch/MPP

The visitors will learn about the ingenious methods scientists use to search for dark matter. Or how they track down antimatter, which has vanished almost completely from the universe.

On the Open Day event, the visitors can witness how scientists work at the ATLAS experiment at CERN and what kind of mysteries they want to coax out from neutrinos. Furthermore there we’ll go live to the MAGIC telescopes on the canary island of La Palma. Scientists will show how the observatory works and what kind of research is being performed there.

In its workshops for electronics and mechanics the MPP how research is being “built”: How do you develop a new detector, that measures single particle decays? What components do you need for a telescope – and how do you produce them?

The MPP also presents exciting talks on current research issues. For kids there will be a painting competition. And we invite kids (and of course also grown-ups) to join a lego competition: Who’s going to create the most innovative particle detector? The best models will be awarded!