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Modern layout – new functions

New website for the Max Planck Institute for Physics

Today, the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) is set to relaunch its website. For the relaunch, the Institute website has been provided with a new, attractive layout designed for mobile devices; its content has also been revised for the most part. In redesigning the website, the most important aim was to present the MPP research topics intelligibly and tailored to its target groups – and to make it easier for readers to navigate through the wide range of content on offer.

The startpage of new web presence of the Max Planck Institute for Physics

The startpage of new web presence of the Max Planck Institute for Physics

An overview of the most important changes:

  • Homepage as a portal to news and research topics: Visitors to the website can quickly gain an overview of the scientific profile of the Institute.
  • Simplified navigation: All of the site content can be accessed via five main menus, which are intuitively clear to users.
  • Responsive design: The site has been optimized for use with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
  • Updated content: The MPP has completely revised the texts, particularly in the research section. The structure and the style of writing have been adapted to the special requirements for reading online (short paragraphs and sentences, comprehensible descriptions, avoidance of specialist terminology where possible).

The new design of the MPP website makes use of the Typo3 Content Management System, which is especially popular in the business world.  For the programming of the website, the Institute commissioned Kurs 10, which specializes in web applications and IT consulting.

“We are delighted that we are going live today with a website that features both a modern and attractive layout,” says Allen Caldwell, Managing Director at the MPP. “But that is not all: We’ve completely redesigned the page structure, the navigation, and revised many of our texts for the website.  We hope that visitors to our website will now find it easy to access our topics – whether they are students, scientists or simply visitors interested in physics.”


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