The Bullet Cluster (Image: ESA)

The Bullet Cluster (Image: ESA)

Galaxy clusters - giants of the universe

Café & Kosmos on 23 April 2024

The Bullet Cluster, one of the most interesting galaxy clusters we know, weighs several hundred thousand billion solar masses. This object alone gives us deep insights into the components of our universe: galaxies, hot gas and dark matter. We use various telescopes for this research: the microwave "South Pole Telescope" at the South Pole, the Blanco Telescope in Chile, and space telescopes such as Hubble and, more recently, Euclid.

They can be used to study thousands of the most massive galaxy clusters in the universe and also weigh them using the gravitational lens effect. This provides new insights into the formation of cosmic structures and dark energy. Finally, the giants of the universe help us to determine the masses of neutrinos, the lightest known elementary particles.

On this evening, astrophysicist Dr. Sebastian Bocquet from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich will explain his current research on galaxy clusters.