Jelena Ninković, awardee of the 2014 Radiation Instrumentation Early Career Award.

Jelena Ninković receives Radiation Instrumentation Early Career Award 2014

On this year's IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium in Seattle on 15 November Jelena Ninković received the 2014 Radiation Instrumentation Early Career Award.

This award is given to young investigators in recognition of significant and innovative technical contributions to the fields of radiation instrumentation and measurement techniques for ionizing radiation.

Ms. Ninković received the award for her contributions to developments of Avalanche Photodiodes in Geiger mode, especially SiPMs with bulk-integrated quench resistors for single photon and particle detection, and of DEPFET active pixel vertex detectors.

The semiconductor laboratory (HLL) of Max-Planck-Society is very proud and appreciates the international recognition, said Siegfried Bethke, managing director of the HLL.