Patric Muggli (left) is new spokesperson of AWAKE, David Paneque of MAGIC (Photos: A. Griesch/MPP)

Patric Muggli (left) is new spokesperson of AWAKE, David Paneque of MAGIC (Photos: A. Griesch/MPP)

MPP scientists elected spokespersons for two experiments

As of January 1, 2023, there are new spokespersons in the research collaborations MAGIC and AWAKE. The choice fell on two scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Physics. Patric Muggli will in future represent for the AWAKE project at CERN, which is developing an innovative accelerator technology. The spokesperson for the MAGIC telescopes on the Canary Island of La Palma is David Paneque.

Both scientists have been part of the scientific staff of the two experiments for many years. The most important role of spokespersons is to represent their experiment internally and externally. "Among other things, I see my role in encouraging collaborators to make even more contributions to AWAKE," says Patric Muggli. "I am also concerned with facilitating and increasing internal communication." AWAKE consists of 100 researchers from 22 institutions.

Patric Muggli also has his eye on the external target groups. The aim here is to make the potential of the AWAKE concept known as a future accelerator technology - both in science and in society. In the medium term, the project offers an interesting option for the search for new particles, for example dark photons. Patric Muggli: "In addition, it is important to promote the experiment well at CERN (the host institution), too - competition from other projects is fierce."   

David Paneque has been the spokesperson for the MAGIC collaboration for a few weeks. He is currently assembling the executive board, which consists of nine scientists taking responsibilities in different areas of the experiment. At MAGIC, the spokesperson leads this team, and chairs the discussions with this team about the multiple challenges and opportunities occurring in a running instrument. In addition, he represents the entire research collaboration to the outside world, which includes almost 300 scientists from 46 institutions in 13 countries.  

"For me, this is a great honor - and I look forward to serving as MAGIC spokesperson," says David Paneque. "This project was launched at MPP and I've been involved for many years." In his new role, he will be responsible for operations and day-to-day technical and scientific decisions. Another of his tasks will be to modernize the telescopes, which are now 20 years old, and equip them for the future. "I also want to provide impetus for our public relations work, which is a high priority for us," he explains. "We take our mission to inform society about our research very seriously."