Dr. Eckart Lorenz, June 7th 1938 – June 21st 2014

Obituary for Dr. Eckart Lorenz

Our admired and esteemed colleague, Dr. Eckart Lorenz, passed away unexpectedly in Berlin on June 21, 2014. After a very successful career in particle physics, Eckart Lorenz was for many years the leader for the HEGRA and MAGIC projects at our institute. He made a number of very important scientific contributions to these and other projects, and was a leading figure world-wide from the infancy of gamma-ray astrophysics to the current mature state of this field of research. He was greatly admired for the breadth of his knowledge and know-how, as well as for his warmth and humanity. He will be sorely missed.

Munich, June 2014
The Board of Directors of the MPI for Physics