Quirin Fischl receives his award as the best graduate (Photo: IHK)

Quirin Fischl receives his award as the best graduate (Photo: IHK)

The IHK-award for the best graduates takes place each year.

The IHK-award for the best graduates takes place each year. (Photo: IHK)

Quirin Fischl wins the IHK Trainee Prize

Every year, the IHK (the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) awards outstanding trainees who have passed their final exams with excellent results. This year, one of these awards went to Quirin Fischl, who completed his training as an electronic engineer for devices and systems at the Max Planck Institute for Physics with flying colors.

During the course of the examination year, around 17,000 candidates overall took final exams in 230 professions in Upper Bavaria. All 114 of the best graduates in their chosen profession, who completed their training with at least a “very good” grade, were invited by the IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria to a celebratory event in the GOP Varieté-Theater in Munich and honored for their outstanding achievement.

We asked Quirin to give us a brief look behind the scenes:

MPP: When and how did you find out that you would be awarded a prize for your outstanding achievement?

Quirin Fischl: In the middle of September, the Institute and I received a letter from the IHK informing us that I would be presented with an award as the best electronic engineer for devices and systems in Bavaria in 2019.

What was your reaction when you learned that you would receive the award?

Quirin Fischl: Naturally, I was delighted to receive the award. Above all, I was happy for our former training program leader, Engelbert Modjesch, that one of his “last” trainees would complete the program with a result like this.

At the same time, I was a bit disappointed, however, that none of my colleagues received the award, even though they achieved grades that were nearly as good as mine (0.5% lower). They certainly deserve an award, too.

Did you have an idea in advance about the award, or was it a big surprise for you?

Quirin Fischl: Of course, we all knew already that our exam results were above-average. But I didn’t think that I would get the award.

What happened at the award ceremony, and how did you enjoy it?

Quirin Fischl: The event was held at the Varieté-Theater in Munich. After the welcome speech and a few introductory words by the acting IHK President, we were presented with the awards. During the event, we were served a 3-course menu and there was a program of entertainment with performing artists.

I really enjoyed the evening! I was especially glad that Mr Modjesch could be there.

What do you plan to do now after passing the final exam?

Quirin Fischl: I am currently working in the Electronics Production and Structural and Connecting Technologies Department at the Institute, and we’ll see what the future holds.

What advice would you give prospective trainees at the MPP?

Quirin Fischl: The training program at the Institute offers many opportunities and freedoms. The opportunity to learn a lot of new things and to precisely understand the technical background. But also the freedom to try out new things yourself every so often, which other companies might not have the time and equipment to be able to offer.

My recommendation to future trainees at the MPP is therefore to make the best possible use of these opportunities!

Quirin, thank you for giving us this brief insight. Once again, our heartfelt congratulations - and we wish you continued success here at the MPP!

As well as Quirin, two other trainees at the Institute completed the program with top marks. Carolin Bauer and Valentin Schaller, who are also trainees specializing in electronics for devices and systems, were also outstanding!

Our warmest congratulations to you, too, and we wish you every success. We’re proud of you!