Samuel Dick

Samuel Dick (Photo: MPP)

Traineeship award for Samuel Dick

Honor for Samuel Dick: He received the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft's Apprenticeship Award for his outstanding achievements. The 21-year-old completed his education and training as an industrial mechanic (precision equipment construction) with top marks in just two and a half years.

Samuel Dick was one of 18 trainees to be awarded the prize that is worth 750 euros. The award is how the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft rewards trainees for their academic and professional achievements and the dedication they demonstrated during their apprenticeship. The prize is awarded once a year.

This is the second time in just a few years that the prize has gone to apprentices being trained at the Max Planck Institute for Physics: Amanda Baßler, who trained as an industrial mechanic, was recognized for her achievements in 2014. “Our trainees generally do very well, many are even able to reduce the time they need for training,” said Training Manager Engelbert Modjesch. “The award for Samuel Dick reflects the quality of our training in both disciplines – electronics and mechanics.”

A total of 110 young people – including 21 young women – have been taught their trade at the Max Planck Institute for Physics since 1996. And the MPP has just welcomed five more trainees to its training programme in September 2018. Engelbert Modjesch wishes a great start to all newcomers. “We're happy to support and accompany our trainees while they're taking their first steps into their professional lives!”