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School program

Particle World Network

The Max Planck Institute for Physics is a member of the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt (Particle World Network) a network of scientists from numerous research institutions all over Germany and from CERN who have teamed up to make current topics in astroparticle and particle physics understandable for young people and teachers.

Masterclasses: Be part of the physics experience

The so-called Masterclasses of the Particle World Network are conducted by the LMU and the MPP at schools, school laboratories and other educational institutions in and around Munich. Young people aged 15 to 19 evaluate real particle collisions from CERN.

They are supervised by young scientists. The workshop lasts around four hours and includes an introduction to particle physics, the opportunity for participants to perform their own measurements on a PC, and a quiz. No prior knowledge is required.

International Particle Physics Masterclasses

In addition, the MPP together with the LMU Munich and the Universe Cluster of Excellence is involved in the International Particle Physics Masterclasses. This event takes place once a year, usually in February or March. High schools, specialist high schools and junior high schools in the Munich metropolitan area are invited to participate.

This international research day has been organized since 2005 in many countries around the world – more than 13,000 students participate each time.

The international masterclasses take their lead from real research: new findings in particle physics are obtained not by individuals, but by large research collaborations, such as the ATLAS experiment at CERN.

The lectures and the evaluation of CERN data is therefore followed by the climax of the event - an international video conference where pupils from different countries compare and discuss their results.

Further information can be obtained from the MPP press office.