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    MPP-2023-364 Studies on remoTES-based Cryogenic Calorimeters for the COSINUS Experiment, Kumrie Shera, Karoline Schäffner, TU München, München (2023-06), (External full text link).
    [COSINUS], [Thesis]

    MPP-2023-363 All-order celestial OPE from on-shell recursion, Lecheng Ren, Anders Schreiber, Atul Sharma, Diandian Wang, JHEPJHEP 10 (2023) 080 (2023) 80, 2305.11851 (abs), (pdf), (ps), (External full text link), inSPIRE entry.
    [Field Theory], [Article]

    MPP-2023-362 Slow Pion Identification using the Pixel Detector of Belle II, Mariangela Varela, Christian Kiesling, LMU, München (07092023), (External full text link).
    [Belle II], [Thesis]

    MPP-2023-361 Developing a Displaced Vertex Trigger for Dark Matter Searches at the Belle II Experiment, Elia Schmidt, Christian Kiesling, LMU, München (13032023), (External full text link).
    [Belle II], [Thesis]

    MPP-2023-360 A universal approach for particle identification at Belle II using neural networks, Xavier Simó, Stefan Wallner, Stephan Paul, TU München, München (30112023), (External full text link).
    [Belle II], [Thesis]

    MPP-2023-359 Direct detection of the self-modulation instability of a long relativistic proton bunch in the AWAKE Experiment, Karl Rieger, TUM München, Garching (08112023), (External full text link).
    [AWAKE], [PhD-Thesis]

    MPP-2023-358 Recent time-dependent measurements of 𝑪𝑷 violation at Belle II, Oskar P. Tittel, (Full text), PoS , The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP2023), (External full text link).
    [Belle II], [Other]

    MPP-2023-357 Precision LHC phenomenology via NNLO predictions matched to parton showers, Silvia Zanoli, (Full text), TU München, München (2023-09-20), (External full text link), inSPIRE entry.
    [Phenomenology of High Energy Physics], [PhD-Thesis]

    MPP-2023-355 A goodness-of-fit test based on a recursive product of spacings, Philipp Eller, Lolian Shtembari, J.Inst.Volume 18 (2023) , (External full text link).
    [Statistical Methods], [Article]

    MPP-2023-354 On non-parametric tests for discovery and limit setting in one and multiple dimensions, Lolian Shtembari, TUM, Garching (28072023), (External full text link).
    [Statistical Methods], [Thesis]