Interview with the Hanrieder Research Fellow Alejandro Rodriguez

„First of all, apply“

Alejandro Rodriguez (Photo: B. Wankerl/MPP)

Alejandro Rodriguez, the first Hanrieder Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Physics, calls up for new candidates to apply. The PhD student from the University of Buenos Aires spent a research stay in the string theory group of the institute from September 2021 till February 2022. Together with Saskia Demulder, his scientific advisor, he worked on the combination of two theoretical methods, integrable models and string dualities. At the end of his stay he answered our questions about how he found his way to us:

How did you learn about the Hanrieder Research Fellowship, Alejandro?

My PhD advisor at the University of Buenos Aires, Carmen Nuñez, drew my attention to it and we discussed the possibilities of visiting the Max Planck Institute for Physics. We knew that scientists here contribute a lot to the research I am working on, so I took the opportunity to connect with renowned people in this field.

How did the application process go?

I first contacted Saskia Demulder who is my scientific advisor in this visit, and we explored the possibilities of conducting some research together, combining her research topic of integrable models to string dualities, which is mine. After that, following the guidelines of the program, I got in touch with Dieter Lüst, who is the leader of the string theory group. I sent him all required documents, then we had a meeting together and after that I was very happy to receive a positive answer for my stay.

How could you benefit from this program?

The Fellowship is a great opportunity to make contact with excellent researchers in your own field, but also beyond that, and to learn a lot about cutting-edge topics in physics. It is so important to build up a good network in science, so this is definitely an opportunity worth to take.

Thank you very much, Alejandro!