Prof. Dr. Giulia Zanderighi (Photo: A. Griesch/MPP)

Prof. Dr. Giulia Zanderighi (Photo: A. Griesch/MPP)

Giulia Zanderighi becomes new Managing Director

Just after the ceremonial opening of the new building, the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) has announced an important change in its leadership: theoretical physicist Giulia Zanderighi has been elected as the new Managing Director: a first, as the MPP has previously only been under male leadership. She takes over from Dieter Lüst, who is passing the baton to his successor after a term of six years.

Giulia Zanderighi is a renowned scientist in the field of theoretical physics. She has headed the "Innovative Computational Methods in Particle Physics" department at the MPP since 2019. In her new role, Giulia Zanderighi will work closely with the administration unit to effectively manage the institute's processes. This includes the topics of new appointments, finance, personnel, contractual matters, purchasing and construction.

She will be assisted by Marumi Kado, who heads the Department of High Energy Physics and will act as Deputy Managing Director. Giulia Zanderighi's term of office includes important decisions for the future strategic direction of the institute: as three directors will be retiring in the foreseeable future, new scientific members will have to be appointed and their research topics will have to be integrated into the MPP.

"We are facing a significant change. I am looking forward to this exciting challenge and to welcoming new members to the faculty who will enhance the research profile and character of our institute”, says Giulia Zanderighi. "As head of our IMPRS program for doctoral students, the promotion of young researchers is particularly important to me. I will also advocate for increasing gender parity and more diversity in our ranks."

At the MPP, the Managing Director is elected by the scientific members of the institute every three years. The board currently consists of seven directors, each of whom heads a scientific department at MPP.