Photo: M. Kuhlmann/MPP

Photo: M. Kuhlmann/MPP

MPP launches the Hanrieder Research Fellowship

The Max Planck Institute for Physics, together with the Hanrieder Foundation for Excellence, is initiating a new funding program. The Hanrieder Research Fellowship aims to support junior physicists from countries in Latin America in a targeted way. Accordingly, the program is aimed at doctoral researchers and Masters students from this region. They will receive financial support to work at the MPP as part of a Research Group.

There is almost no other scientific research community that has such a strong international network as basic research in physics: This is especially true of large experimental projects like ATLAS and CTA as well as theoretical research in this area.

The MPP wants to support this global cooperation as part of the Hanrieder Research Fellowship to the best of its ability. The program is aimed at young talents from Latin America, to enable them to gain valuable experience abroad and build an international network.

Offer for doctoral researchers and Masters students

The fellowship program is directed at doctoral researchers who are working in a country in Latin America on a topic with links to the research conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP). Interested Masters students are given the opportunity to complete an internship (Hanrieder Research Internship) at the MPP. Both groups may spend up to six months at the MPP.

Interested parties can apply directly to the Research Groups at the MPP. An overview of all research areas, topics and contact persons is available in the right-hand column at

About the Hanrieder Foundation for Excellence

The Hanrieder Foundation for Excellence was established in 2015 by Dr. Wolfgang Hanrieder under the auspices of the Max Planck Foundation. One of its aims is to support outstanding junior scientists in gaining valuable experience at leading research centers abroad, and thus to promote the international exchange of excellence.

Whether these talents go into the world from a Max Planck background or whether, coming from far away, they become acquainted with this globally unique organization for basic research, they are to receive support in experiencing new perspectives, establishing contacts, and thus in setting the foundations for a successful international career.

For the first project grant to be awarded within the framework of a Research Fellowship, the founder and doctor of physics Wolfgang Hanrieder selected the Max Planck Institute of Physics (MPP) in Munich.