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Deutschlandweite Woche der Teilchenwelt vom 2. bis 8. November - Aktionen am MPI für Physik in München

Week of particle physics: Roundtrip through the world of elementary particles

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Wie entstand das Universum? Woraus bestehen wir? Was untersucht die „Weltmaschine“ am CERN? Solchen Fragen können Wissenschaftsinteressierte in der Woche der Teilchenwelt vom 2. bis 8. November 2020 nachgehen. In ganz Deutschland laden die Standorte...

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The MAGIC telescope system at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain (Photo: G. Ceribella/MAGIC Collaboration)

In 2019, the MAGIC telescopes detected the first Gamma Ray Burst at very high energies. This was the most intense gamma-radiation ever obtained from such a cosmic object. But the GRB data have more to offer: with further analyses, the MAGIC scientists could now confirm that the speed of light is...

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Artistic view of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus (Image: Romolo Tavani/iStock)

Scientists around the world are doing their part to help with the Covid-19 pandemic. Numerous studies are investigating the corona virus, its transmission paths, and the course of the disease. The investigations often provide contradictory statements – for example, when it comes to how many people...

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The Belle II detector searches for the Z’ boson. This particle could reveal itself by an unexpected high number of muon pairs with opposite charges, as shown here. (Image: Belle II)

The Belle II experiment has been collecting data from physical measurements for about one year. After several years of rebuilding work, both the SuperKEKB electron–positron accelerator and the Belle II detector have been improved compared with their predecessors in order to achieve a 40-fold higher...

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MAGIC telescopes observes most violent gamma-ray burst to date

Gamma-ray burst with ultra power

Künstlerische Darstellung eines Gammablitzes mit Jet

The gamma-ray burst recorded by the two MAGIC telescopes on 14 January 2019 was spectacular: Never before have astrophysicists captured a gamma-ray burst with such high energy – hundreds of billions times more intense than that of visible light. MAGIC did not capture the gamma-ray burst until the...

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