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Four different supernova simulations: Top left shows the reference model without neutrino flavor changes, the other three images show simulations with flavor changes after 100 milliseconds in different regions of the proto-neutron star, respectively. (Image: J. Ehring/MPP/MPA)

Supernova explosions: It's all in the flavor

Supernovae, stellar explosions of gigantic proportions, are powered by the lightest elementary particles of all: neutrinos. These come in three different varieties, which are called flavors. Until now, it was assumed that the neutrinos in a supernova…

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The infographic presents the chaos of all the different elementary particles - quarks and gluons – inside a proton. (Image: D. Dominguez/CERN)

A familiar particle - newly explored: insights into the inner life of the proton 

The proton is one of three building blocks of the atom. Thus protons, together with neutrons and electrons, form the matter we know. Since the 1960s, we have known that a proton consists of three quarks. However, researchers now have a much more…

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Aliens could use artificially created black holes as quantum computers (Image: Eduard Muzhevskyi/iStock)

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: quantum computing with black holes

Black holes as quantum computers? Sounds like science fiction, but it is a realistic scenario. No other system stores quantum information as efficiently as black holes. It is therefore conceivable that intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations could…

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The Belle II detector records and analyses particle collisions produced by SuperKEKB. (Photo: Shota Takahashi/KEK)

Belle II catches up with predecessor experiment

Since March 2019, the Belle II detector has been measuring decays of B mesons, a particular type of quark pair. Previous experiments had shown that B and anti-B mesons decay at different rates, i.e., exhibit CP violation. Belle II is intended to…

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EM 2021: More Corona cases because many fans watched the games together (Photo: picture alliance/empics/Yui Mok)

European Football Championship with side effects

The impact of the European Soccer (Football) Championship 2020 on the incidence of the Corona pandemic differed a lot among the participating countries. The extent to which the numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 increased depended…

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