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The Belle II detector records and analyses particle collisions produced by SuperKEKB. (Photo: Shota Takahashi/KEK)

Belle II catches up with predecessor experiment

Since March 2019, the Belle II detector has been measuring decays of B mesons, a particular type of quark pair. Previous experiments had shown that B and anti-B mesons decay at different rates, i.e., exhibit CP violation. Belle II is intended to…

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EM 2021: More Corona cases because many fans watched the games together (Photo: picture alliance/empics/Yui Mok)

European Football Championship with side effects

The impact of the European Soccer (Football) Championship 2020 on the incidence of the Corona pandemic differed a lot among the participating countries. The extent to which the numbers of infections and deaths from COVID-19 increased depended…

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Prof. Dr. Marumi Kado is new director at the MPP (Photo: Livia Kado)

Marumi Kado is new director at the Max-Planck Institute for Physics

The Max-Planck-Institute of Physics (MPP) welcomes Prof. Dr. Marumi Kado, previously full professor at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome, as the new director of the department for experiments at high-energy particle colliders. He initially took up…

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The large-scale "ATLAS detector" project was initiated 30 years ago. (Photo: Claudia Marcelloni/CERN)

30 years of ATLAS - 30 years of ATLAS at the MPP

30 years ago, 88 research institutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the ATLAS experiment at CERN. To date, ATLAS is the largest particle detector ever built. The Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) has been in the lead from the very…

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The evolution of a proton bunch in plasma can now be precisely controlled.  A phase shift can be seen between the upper and lower images, which depends on when the seed electron bunch is fed into the plasma. (Image: AWAKE)

Plasma wave under control

The innovative AWAKE technology is based on a plasma wave on which electrons "surf" and are accelerated to collide with other particles. A study has now shown how the surf waves can be precisely controlled – an essential prerequisite for AWAKE to one…

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