JADE was one of the experiments at the positron-electron ring accelerator PETRA at DESY in Hamburg. From 1979 and 1986, the experiment recorded data of electron-positron annihilations at energies between 12 and 46.6 GeV. 

The JADE detector comprised novel technologies like accurate tracking of charged particles in the central "jet chamber" with fast multi-hit electronics, measurement and identification of photons, electrons and muons over wide regions of phase-space, and maximal hermeticity and symmetry of the detector systems. 

Scientific highlight results were the (co-)discovery of the gluon, establishment of jet-physics and tests of Quantum-Chromodynamics, establishment of string-hadronisation, electro-weak precision tests, two-photon physics and searches for New Physics like Super-Symmetry, free quarks and the - at that time still undiscovered - top-quark.

In 1997, the JADE data were copied onto modern data carriers and were thus saved from being lost. At the same time, a research group, then at the University of Aachen and now located at the MPP, started to re-vitalise software and re-analyse the data. In 2011 the 21 logbooks of the JADE experiment were digitised. 

The latest meeting and reunion of the JADE collaboration was in August 2009 at DESY. Photos taken and talks presented at that meeting, as well as digitised versions of JADE logbooks, of all JADE Notes and minutes of previous collaboration meetings can be accessed here. More photos from the lifetime of JADE, complete lists of publications, results from the post-mortem era and information on the availability and usage of JADE data and software are available on these expert pages.

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